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In which my Breezer gets a sweater

This summer, Brian gave me a very exciting birthday present: a 2007 Breezer Uptown 8.  After we rode Electra Townies in Austin in March and I loved the Nexus 8-speed hub, he started looking around on Craigslist and found this excellent bike in Maryland.  He secretly arranged for my parents to pick it up from the seller, and they stashed it until we got to Maryland in June.  The bike is in excellent, almost-new condition.  We took it to Truro and then to Cambridge, and I happily rode it around Cambridge in July, mostly on my commute from Porter Square to MIT. I love it! Besides the aforementioned hub, it has generator lights that are bright and reliable, fenders, and a chainguard.  It’s a great commuter and has become my everyday, around-town bike.

We noticed, though, that the downtube of the frame was getting a bit scratched up by bike racks, so I decided to knit the bike a protective sweater.

I’m ridiculously pleased by this accessory.  It’s made from yarn I spun myself, and I like how it matches the bike’s frame.  I improvised the pattern. I knit a rectangle with a few ridges of garter stitch on each end and garter stitch edges, with a yo, k2tog buttonhole about every 12 rows. I then picked up three stitches from the top edge and worked i-cord for a holder to go around the headset. I made a button loop with the yarn tail and secured it to a button on the opposite side.

I am hoping this keeps the bike well-protected from menacing racks.


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